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来源于: 发表时间:6276-11-18 16:11 编辑:fzy

   陈华晖 沈云新(上海市气象灾害防御技术中心,上海市 201615

周歧斌(上海大学机电工程与自动化学院,上海市 200444

SPD专用后备保护器的研究(陈华晖  沈云新  周歧斌)

Research on SPD Specific Backup Protector

CHEN Huahui SHEN Yunxin

(Shanghai Center for Meteorological Disaster Provention Technology,Shanghai 201615China)

ZHOU Qibin(School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation

of Shanghai University,Shanghai 200444China)



    AbstractLack of surge current withstand capacity of existing fuses and circuit breakers when they are used together with SPD is described in order to introduce the methods for improving such withstand capacity. Furthermore,the influence of circuit breaker with different rated currents and NTC with different diameters and different impedances on the breaking capacity of SSD powerfrequency short circuit is analyzed. Finally,the key points and coordination suggestions on various components are given.

  Key wordssurge protection device;fuse;circuit breaker;gas discharge tubenegative temperature coefficient thermistor;SPD specific backup protector;surge current withstand capacity;breaking capacity


  摘 要:介绍现有熔断器和断路器在与SPD配合使用时显现出来的电涌电流耐受能力的不足,引出提升电涌电流耐受能力的方法。分析不同额定电流的断路器,不同直径、不同阻抗的NTCSSD工频短路电路分断能力的影响,最后给出不同元器件的选用要点及配合建议。


  中图分类号:TU895        文献标识码:A

    doi10.3969 / j. issn.1003 8493.2020.010.003


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